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203 Early Rising Light Roast Our light-roasted House Blend is a mix of the best South American beans we have to offer. 
This coffee features a complex array of sweet and piquant flavors, creating a cup that is smooth with a bright acidic undertone.

203 Suburbia Medium Roast ~ This is a special house blend roasted just past the city roast level. This is the last stage before “dark,” so if you aren't fond of the darker roast profiles, and light roasts leave you wanting something more complex, this is for you. 
Medium House Blend is quite versatile, combining a complex flavor profile and medium acidity with a full body and aroma.

203 Late Night Dark Roast  ~ Our Dark House Blend is a complex blend consisting of several types of dark roasted coffee beans from around the world. Comparable to coffees popular in the Northwest (hint, hint), and able to stand up to milk and sugar, this coffee is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys dark roasted coffee. This blend is full bodied and strong with a slightly high acidity.

203 Coffee and Tea, LLC

SUPPORT A LOCAL CT BUSINESS Formally The Country Mugger;203 Coffee and Tea offers premium gourmet Coffee and Teas . We carry a vast array of coffees from around the world. 

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Formally The Country Mugger; 203 Coffee and Tea offers a vast array of freshly ground or whole bean gourmet coffees from around the world. We engage in every process of our products from bean selection to blending and grinding.

Coffees are available in both flavored and unflavored varieties as well decaf or organic selections.

Customers have the opportunity to customize their order by selecting either whole bean products or choosing a particular grind and package size.

We pride ourselves on superior customer service and guarantee fresh delivery right to your door in a timely fashion. FREE SHIPPING!